Stories posted 1995

Boss: 5 Case Studies of Local
Politics in the Philippines

Winner: National Book Award for Journalism (1995), out of print

FOR THE last hundred years, politicians have died, and killed, for the perks of local office—including control of substantial revenues, as well as cuts from pork barrel funds, government contracts, even jueteng and smuggling operations.

In 1991, Congress passed the Local Government Code which devolved power to local government units. The Code shifts the locus of power from manila to the regions. For the first time in Philippine history, local governments now have the authority and potentially, also the resources, to become independent power centers.

The Green Guide: A Sourcebook on the Philippine Environment, 2nd edition

Finalist: National Book Award for Environment (1995)

THE GREEN Guide is the most comprehensive reference manual on the Philippine environment. Published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), this book is an essential guide for environmental reporters, but should just be as useful for researchers, students, activists, and others interested in the country’s environment.

In the 15 years since its founding, the PCIJ, has published more than a dozen books and produced several full-length documentaries, many of which have won major awards and citations, including five National Book Awards and a Catholic Mass Media Award.

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