Stories posted 1997

Uncovering the Beat: The Real-World
Guide to Reporting on Government

Finalist: National Book Award for Journalism (1997)

This easy-to-use reference book compiles information on the workings of key government institutions: the presidency, Congress, the courts, the police, the agencies that regulate the economy and the environment, and those that provide education and health services.

It describes the structure of these institutions and the laws that govern them. It explains how these agencies work and untangles the often arcane procedures taht govern their operation. Government is a maze, and Uncovering the Beat is a guide to that maze.

The Electronic Trail

Finalist: National Book Award for Journalism (1997), out of print

THE DIGITAL revolution has had profound consequences on the way of doing journalism. Computers and modems have made it possible to transmit almost instantaneously large amounts of information from anywhere on the planet with a telephone. But more than that, the new technology has also made available to journalists a whole new world of research and reporting possibilities.

Women in Brackets: A Chronicle
of Vatican Power and Control

MARILEN Dañguilan has been a warrior in a war of liberation, and this book is a chronicle of that war—the war for women’s bodies, women’s rights, and women’s choices.

The stories that Marilen tells may bear familiar outlines, especially for those who followed the back-and-forth between Church and State around the time of the Cairo and the Beijing women’s conference. But her accounts of these skirmishes acquire an entertaining edge by the deft way she sketches characters, her sense of irony and the telling detail, and the way she builds up suspense as the fraying edges of public opinion threaten to rip apart the social fabric.

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