THE second part of our report on World Bank’s controversial NRIMP-1 project focuses on the findings of the Bank’s Department of Institutional Integrity that runs through 260 pages in all.

This document is Part I of the INT’s report, a companion tome to the 230-page Part II that enrolls the “record of Interviews” with the 54 identified witnesses.

The INT’s investigation concludes with damning commentary that the entire road project has been corrupted, and that as much as $45 million of the $150-million loan for NRIMP-1 had been lost to pay off bribes to a cartel of contractors, bureaucrats and politicians.

In addition, two witnesses said that the bribes had also been “shared” with local journalists and NGOs, so the projects may avoid “bad publicity.”

The PCIJ also offers two sidebars for this report: The highlights of the accounts of the named witnesses, and the INT’s account of the testimonies of the seven other “confidential witnesses.”

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1 Response to $45M lost to bribes for ‘cartel’ backed by DPWH execs, pols


tongue in, anew

February 16th, 2009 at 1:37 am

I’ve just finished reading Sidebar2 on what the witnesses said and I found this:

“Madrasto estimates that 40 percent is added to the cost of a contract to facilitate payments to the

He said EC de Luna and J.D. Legaspi are connected to the ‘first gentleman’ and they brag about
this relationship;…”

EC DeLuna is still hot but do you still remember who JD Legaspi is?

He built the most expensive street in the world named after the president’s father.

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