“LITRATO: Chasing light, glimpses of life” will showcase our slideshows on the PCIJ’s Youtube and Vimeo Channels. Litrato means “picture” in Filipino. “Ama at anak (Father and son)” is the title of this week’s episode.

It was early evening on the Chinese New Year when I met Allan Ebañez, a former construction worker.

His seven-year-old son, Allan, was piggybacking. They have been walking for several kilometers that night. They have been doing this for the past 900 nights or so.

Allan and Glenn have been homeless for the past three years. Allan’s bitter separation with his wife in Bulacan province forced them out on the streets.

“She was unfaithful,” he said.

Two other children of Allan live with his wife. For now, he and Glenn are family. Their house is anywhere in Quezon City.

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