THE Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) in partnership with the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) is pleased to announce the launch of Data Journalism Ph 2015. Supported by the World Bank, the program will train journalists and citizen media in producing high-quality, data-driven stories.

In recent years, government and multilateral agencies in the Philippines have published large amounts of data such as the government’s recently launched Open Data platform.

These were accompanied by other platforms that track the implementation and expenditure of flagship programs such as Bottom-Up-Budgeting via OpenBUB.gov.ph, and Infrastructure via OpenRoads.ph and reconstruction platforms including the Foreign Aid Transparency Hub (faith.gov.ph).

The training aims to encourage more journalists to use these and other online resources to produce compelling investigative stories.

Data Journalism PH 2015 will train journalists on the tools and techniques required to gain and communicate insight from public data, including web scraping, database analysis and interactive visualization.

The program will support journalists in using data to back their stories, which will be published by their media organization over a period of five months.

Participating teams will benefit from the following:

* A 3-day data journalism training workshop by the Open Knowledge Foundation and PCIJ in July 2015 in Manila.

* A series of online tutorials on a variety of topics from digital security to online mapping

* Technical support in developing interactive visual content to accompany their published stories

Apply now!

Teams of up to three members (journalists, content producers and/or techies) working with the same print, TV, or online media agencies are invited to submit an application.

Participants will be selected on the basis of the data story projects they will pitch for innovative data investigation focused on key datasets including infrastructure, reconstruction, participatory budgeting, procurement and customs.

Through Data Journalism PH 2015 and its trainers, these projects will be developed into data stories to be published by the participants’ media organizations.

Deadline for applications is June 22, 2015 (midnight Manila time)

Join the launch

Open Knowledge and PCIJ will host a half-day public event for those interested in the program at the end of June in Quezon City. If you would like to receive full details about the event, please sign up here.

About PCIJ and the Open Knowledge Foundation

An independent, non-profit media agency specializing in investigative reporting and multimedia productions, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism is a pioneer in data journalism in Asia. In May 2013, PCIJ launched Money Politics Online, a citizen’s resource and research tool on governance, campaign finance, public funds, and politics that now features over 56 gigabytes of datasets.

Open Knowledge Foundation is an international NGO focused on using advocacy, technology, and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it in order to create and share knowledge. Its School of Data program has trained thousands of journalists across the world on how to analyze and communicate public data through in-person trainings and online tutorials.

Contact information

To read more about the program and follow the project as it progresses, visit the Data Journalism PH 2015 website or contact:

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
Email: pcij@pcij.org training@pcij.org
Website: www.pcij.org www.pcij.org/blog http://moneypolitics.pcij.org
Tel. Nos. (632) 434-6193, 4330521, and 436-4711

Open Knowledge Foundation
Email: sam.leon@okfn.org
Website: http://okfn.org


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