Patrimony: 6 Case Studies on Local Politics and the Environment in the Philippines

Winner: National Book Award for Journalism (1996), out of print

IN 1995, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) published the award-winning Boss: 5 Case Studies of Local Politics in the Philippines. In Patrimony, some of the country’s best investigative reporters focus their investigative skills on the link between local politics and the environment, examining how democratization and devolution have affected the way resources are managed at the local level. Patrimony looks at the structures of local power and explains how those who hold local office use their power to exploit, or in some cases protect, natural resources.

The Green Guide: A Sourcebook on the Philippine Environment, 2nd edition

Finalist: National Book Award for Environment (1995)

THE GREEN Guide is the most comprehensive reference manual on the Philippine environment. Published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), this book is an essential guide for environmental reporters, but should just be as useful for researchers, students, activists, and others interested in the country’s environment.

Power from the Forest:
The Politics of Logging

Winner: National Book Award for Journalism (1993), out of print

THE PHILIPPINE forests have been the most coveted among its natural resources, and the few who have been granted the privilege of taming portions of them have reaped power and wealth.

Power from the Forest is the story of logging in the Philippines, the story of the exercise of power—who wields it, who beenfits from it and how.

Saving the Earth:
The Philippine Experience, 4th edition

Winner: National Book Award for Anthology (1992), out of print

SAVING THE Earth us mostly about what happens when humans abuse nature. In the Philippines, the problem has become two-fold. For more than three decades, the country’s environment crisis consisted mainly of the effects of almost half a century of unrestricted logging. Efforts to rehabilitate the uplands have been stalled by bureaucratic ineptitude and corruption. Mining has also contributed its share of blight, but the industry’s area of operations has so far been more limited than logging’s.

In the 15 years since its founding, the PCIJ, has published more than a dozen books and produced several full-length documentaries, many of which have won major awards and citations, including five National Book Awards and a Catholic Mass Media Award.

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