From 1989 to September 2009, the PCIJ has produced over 500 investigative reports and stories.

The Evangelical Explosion 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
Sects Use Bible in Anti-Communist Drive 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
Evangelicals Championing Rightist Causes 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
Agrarian reform: Fight begins for just share of produce 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
Profit-sharing formula sparks controversy 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
Situation in plantations makes CARP uncertain 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
Controversy brews over penal colony 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
A penal farm run by private enterprise 1989 Coronel, Sheila S.
Conversation with alleged Communist Party Secretary General Rafael Baylosis 1989 PCIJ
Japanese Aid: Its Use (and misuse?) 1989 De Castro, Isagani
Japanese Aid: Tied Purchases Benefit Tokyo Firms 1989 De Castro, Isagani
Japanese Aid: Many projects are useless 1989 De Castro, Isagani
Japanese Aid: Projects Favor Big Business 1989 De Castro, Isagani
Japanese Aid: Ferdinand Marcos Gained the Most 1989 De Castro, Isagani
Japanese Aid: Ferdinand Marcos Gained the Most 1989 De Castro, Isagani
“AIDS: Can We Cope?'” (Part I) 1989 Doyo, Ma. Ceres P.
“AIDS: Can We Cope?'” (Part II) 1989 Doyo, Ma. Ceres P.
Chaos in the Courts: The Wheels Grind Exceedingly Slow 1990 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Continuous Trial Helps But . . . 1990 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Justice Goes to the Highest Bidder 1990 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Elusive Dream: Convicting a Big Fish 1990 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Men of the Cults: Religious Fanatics Promise a Better Life 1990 Batario, Red
Groups become instruments of terrorism 1990 Batario, Red
Fanatics as Pawns in Insurgency War 1990 Batario, Red
The Class of 1990: PMA Turns Out First Post-EDSA Graduates 1990 Pastrano, Mozart A.T.
The Class of 1990: Dramatic Changes in the PMA 1990 Pastrano, Mozart A.T.
The Class of 1990: PMA Grads Condemn Putsch 1990 Pastrano, Mozart A.T.
The Class of 1990: Bonds Between ‘Mistahs’ Remain 1990 Pastrano, Mozart A.T.
A New Market for Filipinas 1990 Doyo, Ma. Ceres P.
Rape of the Forests: Nation Committing Ecological Suicide 1990 PCIJ
Rape of the Forests: Logging Denudes Forests in Three Areas 1990 PCIJ
Rape of the Forests: Logging Decreases Soil Fertility 1990 PCIJ
The Tubbataha Controversy: Seaweed Farming Endangers R.P.’s Only National Marine Park 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
The Tubbataha Controversy: Memo ‘Legalizes’ Seaweed Project 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
The Tubbataha Controversy: Shemberg Ordered to Leave Coral Reef 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
The Tubbataha Controversy: Zoning Plan Eyed for Coral Reef Atoll 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Rough Winds Over Calancan: Mine Polluting Marinduque Waters 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
Rough Winds Over Calancan: No Pollution, Say Marcopper Officials 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
Rough Winds Over Calancan: Firm’s Operations Affect Environment, Livelihood 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
Living with American Bases: Olongapo: Born in the USA 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Living with American Bases: Dancing in the Dark 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Living with American Bases: Should I Stay or Should I Go? 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Seaweed Farm in Tubbataha Reef Dismantled 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Mt. Apo Geothermal Project: People or Power? 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Government Ignores Social Cost of Mt. Apo Development 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Geothermal Energy Poses Government Dilemma 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Interview: ‘Capt. Carlos Maglalang’ 1990 Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
4,500 Missionaries Invade the Philippines 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
U.S. Fundamentalists Pose Problem to Stability of R.P. 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
R.P., U.S.Brother-in-arms: America: Big Brother No More? 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Is Self-reliance Program a Myth? 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Defense for Whom? 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Mother 1990 Maglipon, Jo-ann
Regal’s Best Actress 1990 Maglipon, Jo-ann
The silent revolution: Negros Fishermen Organize for Survival 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
The silent revolution: Military at War with Fishermen 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
The silent revolution: Few Options Left for Fishermen 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Forgotten Victims of a Silent War 1990 Batario, Red
Refugees Unwitting Tools in Psywar 1990 Batario, Red
Fears Hound Refugees 1990 Batario, Red
Play for Pay: Big Bucks in the PBA 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
Play for Pay: ‘Big J’ Hauls Down the Most 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
The Gulf Crisis: More Leverage for the Country: U.S. Needs Bases in R.P. More Than Ever 1990 Vitug, Marites D.
R.P. Favors Limited Bases’ Stay 1990 Vitug, Marites D.
A Rearmed Japan: New Threat to Asian Peace? 1990 Vitug, Marites D.
Supreme Court Ruling on Arrests Sparks Debate 1990 Maglipon, Jo-ann
The Politics of Ozone: Senate Lukewarm to Montreal Pact 1990 Vitug, Marites D.
Effects of Thinning of Layer can be Lethal 1990 Vitug, Marites D.
The Healing Begins 1990 Juvida, Sol
Cyanide, TNT Ruin Fishing Grounds 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Demand spurs destructive fishing 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Anti-illegal fishing campaign too slow 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Measures to Stop Illegal Fishing Urged 1990 Arquiza, Yasmin
Joseph the Dreamer 1990 Maglipon, Jo-ann
Illegal Logging Rampant in Isabela 1990 Batario, Red
Clan Controls Isabela Logging 1990 Batario, Red
Accountancy Schools Gain While Graduates Fail Exams 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
Accountancy Schools: DECS Cleans House 1990 Alibutud, J.Raul
750,000 Women Undergo Abortion Every Year 1990 Batario, Red
Women Pay High Price for Abortion 1990 Batario, Red
Zambales Aetas are a People Dispossessed 1990 Empeño, Henry
Aetas Fight for Survival 1990 Empeño, Henry
Rebels Divided on Peace Dialog 1990 Ferrer, Mirriam
Hopes Continue for Peace Negotiations 1990 Ferrer, Mirriam
Public Works Mess: Who Makes Money out of Potholes? 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Public Works Mess: Who Goes After the Crooks? 1990 Gamalinda, Eric
Censorship in Philippine Movies and Television 1990 Tejero, Constantino
Censorship in Philippine Movies and Television: Visions and Revisions 1990 Tejero, Constantino
Censorship in Philippine Movies and Television: The Outrage 1990 Tejero, Constantino
Censorship in Philippine Movies and Television: Cul-de-Sac 1990 Tejero, Constantino
Dark Clouds Over Calabarzon 1990 De Castro, Isagani
Will Fish Still Grow in Laguna de Bay? 1990 De Castro, Isagani
Environment Not a Priority in Calabarzon Development 1990 De Castro, Isagani
Why the Postal Services Office Fails to Deliver 1991 Lopez-Dee, Cynthia
Coal-Fired Plant Project Stirs Controversy 1991 Empeño, Henry
Townsfolk Fear Pollution 1991 Empeño, Henry
Green Tales from American Trails 1991 Arquiza, Yasmin
The Payatas dump, The new Smokey Mountain: Dump May Pollute Manila Water Supply 1991 Tipon, Jo S.
Syndicate Controls Payatas Dump 1991 Tipon, Jo S.
Government Says Dump Must Go 1991 Tipon, Jo S.
The “10-kilo heroin” deaths: Scripted? Stella at Twilight 1991 Doyo, Ma. Ceres
The “10-kilo heroin” deaths: Scripted? Buy-Bust or Rubout? 1991 Doyo, Ma. Ceres
The “10-kilo heroin” deaths: Scripted? A CIA Plot? 1991 Doyo, Ma. Ceres
Marijuana Thrives in Roadless Ifugao Town 1991 Severino, Howie
‘Green Gold’ Trade Thriving in Ifugao 1991 Severino, Howie
Death Wears White: A Look into Medical Malpractice 1991 Alibutud, J.Raul
The Legal Dead End 1991 Alibutud, J.Raul
Choose Your Doctors Well 1991 Alibutud, J.Raul
Leyte Copper Smelter Under Fire 1991 Juvida, Sol
Plant Under Fire: Mercury Found Along Leyte Coast 1991 Juvida, Sol
Sex, Lies and Streetchildren 1991 Rivera, Rosa Leah K
U.S. grants: How free are they? Grants Have Strings Attached 1991 Avenir, Marie
U.S. grants: How free are they? Grants, Government Policy and the U.S. Bases 1991 Avenir, Marie
Money for nothing: Kidnappings are big business: Kidnappings are Politically Motivated 1991 Arguillas, Carolyn
Money for nothing: Kidnappings are big business: Kidnapping as a “Corporate venture” 1991 Arguillas, Carolyn
Money for nothing: Kidnappings are big business: Trade-offs Mark Kidnappings 1991 Arguillas, Carolyn
Money for nothing: Kidnappings are big business: ARMM is Cause of Conflict 1991 Arguillas, Carolyn
Women and Children in the Bases: Less Under the Law 1991 Cleto, Pet G.
Like a rolling stone: Manila’s homeless Urban Nomads Populate Major Cities 1991 Sison-Paez, Marites
Urban Land Reform is Last Chance for Homeless 1991 Sison-Paez, Marites
Gold, guns and goons: Illegal Mining Destroying T’boli Lands, Way of Life 1991 Lozano, Joey R.B.
Local Officials Involved in Illegal Mining 1991 Lozano, Joey R.B.
Bad Blood 1992 Goldoftas, Barbara
The flourishing flesh trade: Young Women Fall Prey to Sex Recruiters 1992 Coronel, Edmund
The flourishing flesh trade: Sex Tours Enjoy Cebu Revival 1992 Coronel, Edmund
The flourishing flesh trade: Police Protect Sex Syndicates 1992 Coronel, Edmund
Supreme Court on the Dock: Weighed and Found Wanting 1992 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Supreme Court on the Dock: Judicial Reforms Lack Substance 1992 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Supreme Court on the Dock: Politics Rears its Ugly Head 1992 Balgos, Cecile C.A
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Or How the Media are Covering the Elections 1992 Mangahas, Malou
The Making of the President 1992 Coronel, Sheila S.
Reversal of Fortunes: Television Under the Aquino Government 1992 Tirol, Stella
Stage Set for Repeat of Ormoc Tragedy 1992 Severino, Howie
Frontrunners Enriched by Logging 1992 Vitug, Marites D.
Luzon’s Forests Felled by Politicians 1992 Vitug, Marites D.
The Art of Cheating 1992 Tirol, Stella
No Relief for Drought Victims 1992 Buenaventura, Mae
Forest Denudation Worsens Iloilo Drought 1992 Buenaventura, Mae
The Time of Cholera 1992 Mangahas, Malou
Former Logger to Become Environment Chief 1992 Severino, Howie
The Making of the President 1992 Coronel, Sheila S.
De Venecia’s Debt Trail 1992 Tirol, Stella
Industry, Posh Homes Steal P1B of Electricity Yearly, Says Meralco 1992 Severino, Howie
Pinatubo Settlements Turning to Slums 1992 Coronel, Sheila S.
Toxic Sunset: the US Leaves a Trail of Deadly Wastes 1992 Pimentel, Benjamin
Toxic Waste Disposal Left to Commanders’ Discretion 1992 Pimentel, Benjamin
Toxic Waste: U.S. Won’t Pay for Cleanup 1992 Pimentel, Benjamin
Dolphins Slaughtered for Food 1992 Gamalinda, Eric
Dolphin Slaughter Due to Fish Scarcity 1992 Gamalinda, Eric
SC Justice Faked Ruling on PLDT Row 1993 Tirol, Stella
Death Wears White: A Look into Medical Malpractice 1993 Alibutud, J.Raul
The Legal Dead End 1993 Alibutud, J.Raul
Choose Your Doctors Well 1993 Alibutud, J.Raul
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever: The Silent Epidemic 1993 Mangahas, Malou
Casualties of Peace: The Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit 1993 Tajanlangit,Eli F.J.
PLDT: Monopoly Unmasked 1993 Tirol, Stella
PLDT: Ownership Issue 1993 Tirol, Stella
Monopoly Unmasked: The Story of PLDT 1993 Tirol, Stella
Inferno in Luneta 1993 Velazquez, Liza M.
Life on the Fast Lane for Teenage Hookers 1993 Velazquez, Liza M.
No Safe Haven for War Refugees 1993 Torres, Socorro L.
The Last of the Bugkalot Oppose a Dam 1993 Mercado-Carreon, Lan
NPC in the Dark about Plant Breakdowns 1993 Belena, Abe P.
Two Justices Hit by Realty Firm 1993 Coronel, Sheila S.
Judiciary on Trial 1993 Tirol, Stella
Chaos in the Cuckoo’s Nest: No Decline in Number of Mental Patients 1993 Mangahas, Malou
Chaos in the Cuckoo’s Nest: Nurses, Administrators at War 1993 Mangahas, Malou
Chaos in the Cuckoo’s Nest: More Serious Mental Health Problems to Affect More Filipinos in the Future 1993 Mangahas, Malou
Congress, Cronies are Key to Recovery of Ill-gotten Wealth 1993 Mangahas, Malou
Malacañang Opts for “Pragmatic” Approach to Ill-gotten Wealth 1993 Mangahas, Malou
The Perils of Shipping: Liner Limps on A Lone Engine 1993 Tirol, Stella
The Perils of Shipping: Philippine Shipping is a Maritime Disaster 1993 Tirol, Stella
The Perils of Shipping: Coast Guard is Ineffective 1993 Tirol, Stella
Congressmen Violate Conflict-of-Interest Rule All in the Family: Business and Family Interests in the House of Representatives 1993 Gutierrez, Eric
Rich Dominate the House 1993 Gutierrez, Eric
All in the Family 1993 Gutierrez, Eric
The Clandestine Trade in Children 1993 Coronel, Sheila S.
A Past Relationship Impinges on the Present 1993 Vitug, Marites D.
Seeking Legitimacy: Arenas’ Links to Ramos 1993 Vitug, Marites D.
Bitter Fight Over Lotto 1993 Tirol, Stella
Billions at Stake in Lotto War 1993 Tirol, Stella
Green evolution: Nature Groups Fight over Funds, Principles 1993 Arquiza, Yasmin
Green evolution: Funding Agencies Shape RP Agenda 1993 Arquiza, Yasmin
Green Evolution: Creating a Green Future 1993 Arquiza, Yasmin
Hooked on Nubain: Injectable Pain-killer Lures Cebu Addicts 1993 Mangubat, Eileen
Hooked on Nubain: Some Health Personnel Push, Abuse IV Drugs 1993 Sison-Paez, Marites
Hooked on Nubain: Rise in Malaria, AIDS Cases Feared with Rise in IV Drug Abuse 1993 Sison-Paez, Marites
Landmark Law will Open up Banking 1993 Tirol, Stella
Foreign, Local Banks Squabbling over Banking Law 1993 Tirol, Stella
Banking Law will not Solve All Ills 1993 Tirol, Stella
German Chemical Giant Evades Ban on Deadly Products 1994 Severino, Howie
Court Decisions Help Keep Dangerous Pesticides in the Market 1994 Severino, Howie
Mark Tan Yu Projects: Grand Plans but Little Achievement 1994 Tirol, Stella
Controversy Taints Tan Yu’s Taipan Image 1994 Tirol, Stella
Critics Say Tan Yu Firms are Devious and Deceitful 1994 Tirol, Stella
Foreign Funds for Health: Donors’ Preferences Clash with Beneficiaries’ Priorities 1994 Batnag, Dana
Foreign Funds for Health Conditionalities Tie Contracts Conclusion 1994 Batnag, Dana
Filipino War Veterans: Nightmarish End to the American Dream 1994 Alibutud, J.Raul
Filipino War Veterans: Fixers, Lawyers Reap Windfalls 1994 Alibutud, J.Raul
Filipino War Veterans: A Trail of Misery Across the Pacific 1994 Alibutud, J.Raul
Public Officials Refuse to Declare Assets 1994 Coronel, Sheila S.
The Expanded VAT Law: Quid Pro Quo Clinches Passage of Tax Measure 1994 Mangahas, Malou
The Expanded VAT Law: Congressional Initiative’ Distorts the Budget 1994 Mangahas, Malou
The Expanded VAT Law: Lobbies In, Outside Congress Hound Tax Legislation 1994 Mangahas, Malou
The Other Face of Philippines 2000: 11 Million Filipinos are Barely Literate 1994 Batnag, Dana
The Other Face of Philippines 2000: Infant Deaths, Cretinism Caused by Lack of Iodine 1994 Batnag, Dana
The Other Face of Philippines 2000: Half of Rural Filipinos Don’t Have Safe Water 1994 Batnag, Dana
Malacañang Gives in on Pesticide Ban after Hoechst Threatens to Leave RP 1994 Severino, Howie
Ramos Land Sits on Makiling 1994 Hofileña, Chay F.
New City Threatens Vital Watershed 1994 Villanueva, Pi
A Small Town Fights to Preserve Itself 1994 Villanueva, Pi
Foreign Funds Wasted by Private Contractors 1994 Severino, Howie
The Stampede for Reforestation Dollars 1994 Severino, Howie
House Likely to Junk Anti-Dynasty Bills 1994 PCIJ
Are Anti-Dynasty Bills Headed for Oblivion? 1994 PCIJ
Hostages of War 1994 Parreño, Earl
Child of the People 1994 Parreño, Earl
Playing with fire: Hinigaran’s Explosive Secret 1994 Rimban, Luz
Tree Spikers Open New Front in ‘Green’ War 1995 Severino, Howie
Stephen’s Nightmare 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
Widespread Fraud Mars DENR Flagship Program 1995 Severino, Howie
Protected Area Saved from Clear-cutting 1995 Severino, Howie
Doctors as Sex Offenders 1995 Rimban, Luz
The Macho World of Medicine 1995 Rimban, Luz
World’s Richest Sunken Treasure Found 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
Treasures from the Wreck 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
The Plunder of the USS Charleston 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
Raiders of the Lost Treasure 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
The Tragedy of Angel Alcala 1995 Severino, Howie
Angeles Revisited: Aussie Hotels Expel Women Probing Sex Industry 1995 Rimban, Luz
PACC Tortured Child Suspects 1995 Rimban, Luz
A Pattern of Abuse 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
A Trail of Corpses 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
A Deadly Machine 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
The Looming Crisis of the Elderly 1995 Cielo, Tina
The Forgotten Women 1995 Cielo, Tina
The NFA: Tailor-Made for Corruption 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
NFA: A Web of Graft 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
Formula for Crisis 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
DENR in the Dark about Logging Operations 1995 Severino, Howie
Controversial Sterilization Drug is Being Tested on Filipinas 1995 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
The Meteoric Rise of Hilarion Ramiro 1995 Corotan, Gemma Luz
Playing Politics with Health 1995 Rimban, Luz
Where Have All Our Women Gone? 1995 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Randy Men Put Women at Risk of AIDS 1995 Rimban, Luz
Jueteng Thrives in the Ramos Heartland 1995 PCIJ
The Politics of Jueteng 1995 PCIJ
A Gambling Culture 1995 PCIJ
Mayhem in the MMDA 1995 Tarcelo, Florian M.
New Traffic Scheme is in a Jam 1996 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Oil Industry Violates Clean Fuel Standards 1996 Severino, Howie
No More Sabado Nights 1996 Rimban, Luz
Squeeze Play on the North Luzon Expressway 1996 Coronel, Sheila S.
The Expressway Deal: Deception on the Highway? 1996 Coronel, Sheila S.
Corruption Charges Hound Ramiro 1996 Corotan, Gemma Luz
While Cebu Thirsts, a Battle over Watersheds Unfolds 1996 Severino, Howie
After Marcopper Disaster, the Worst is Yet to Come 1996 Severino, Howie
Female Graduates March to Nowhere 1996 Cielo, Tina
Megadike: Disaster Management? 1996 Hofileña, Chay F.
Manila’s Poor Live in Fatal Filth 1996 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Laguna Bans Contraceptives in Public Clinics 1996 Rimban, Luz
Asian “Tigers” Feast on Sharks 1996 Coronel, Sheila S.
From Whale Hunters to Whale Watchers 1996 Coronel, Sheila S.
Profits from Disaster 1996 Hofileña, Chay F.
Misuari Faces Big Headaches in ARMM 1996 Vitug, Marites D.
A Culture of Corruption in ARMM 1996 Gutierrez, Eric
Can Nur Misuari Change Moro Politics? 1996 Gutierrez, Eric
Booming Fil-Estate Takes Another Short-cut 1996 Severino, Howie
Farmers Lose Out to Tourism in Frenzy over Land 1996 Severino, Howie
Hi-Tech Seeds Bring Woes to Farmers 1996 Rimban, Luz
God’s Own Assemblyline 1997 Tielens, Claire
Robots for God? 1997 Tielens, Claire
Women Winnowed Out of CARP 1997 Rimban, Luz
Women Behind the Veil Seek Justice 1997 Guiam, Rufa C.
NAPOCOR’s Dirty Secret 1997 Tielens, Claire
Justice to the Highest Bidder 1997 Coronel, Sheila S.
The High Price of Justice 1997 Coronel, Sheila S.
Questions for the Chief 1997 Coronel, Sheila S.
Dole Bets on Land Reform, and Wins 1997 Rimban, Luz
Workers Fight over the Fruits of Reform 1997 Rimban, Luz
COMELEC: Weighed but Found Wanting 1997 Khan, Rachel
A Partial Election Arbiter 1997 Khan, Rachel
Pristine Palawan’s Choice: Mining or Environment 1997 Arquiza, Yasmin
Land, not Money or Cement 1997 Arquiza, Yasmin
Energy Policy Keeps 17 Million Filipinos In The Dark 1997 Chien, Colleen
Communities Don’t Have To Be ‘Powerless’ 1997 Chien, Colleen
Child Sex Industry Experiences Growth Spurts 1997 Juvida, Sol F.
In Calaca, It’s Coal, Not Indonesian Haze 1997 Chien, Colleen
Fearing Brownouts,Government Goes Slow on Power Plant Pollution 1997 Chien, Colleen
No Wedded Bliss for Japayuki Brides 1997 Rimban, Luz
Bohol Frets While Cebu Thirsts 1998 Peñaranda, Victor
The Politics of Water 1998 Peñaranda, Victor
The Grandmother of all Scams 1998 Tordesillas, Ellen
Running for their Lives 1998 Coronel, Sheila S.
Free for All Renders Ad Ban Useless 1998 Rimban, Luz
In the Playing Fields of Local Politics, Dirty Tricks Win the Game 1998 PCIJ
The Perils of Pork 1998 Parreño, Earl
Slicing up the Pork 1998 Parreño, Earl
Luxury Resort Rises on CARP Land 1998 Pabico, Alecks P.
In Search of a CARP-Friendly Government 1998 Pabico, Alecks P.
Tagbanuas Win First Ever Ancestral Waters Claim 1998 Rimban, Luz
When the Going Gets Tough, Mothers Go Hungry 1998 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Women Key to Food Security 1998 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Legal Tussles Delay Privatization of State-Owned Media 1998 Chua, Yvonne T.
Squabbles over Assets Slow Down Media Privatization 1998 Chua, Yvonne T.
Government Nominees Looted Sequestered Media Firms 1998 Chua, Yvonne T.
The Unkindest Cut of All: Unnecessary Caesarians Reach ‘Racket Proportions’ 1998 Jimeno, Jaileen F.
The Unkindest Cut of All: Caesarians Endanger Women’s Health 1998 Jimeno, Jaileen F.
Ombudsman Cases ‘Just Lie There and Die There’ 1998 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Ombudsman Frustrates Litigants and Lawyers 1998 Balgos, Cecile C.A
Charges of Ineptness and Partisanship Haunt Desierto 1998 Balgos, Cecile C.A
One Year After, a Landmark Law on Indigenous Peoples Hits a Dead End 1998 Pabico, Alecks P.
New Law on Indigenous Peoples Faces Legal Challenge 1998 Pabico, Alecks P.
Historic Biak-na-Bato Is Heading for Ecological Disaster 1998 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Caught in a Bind, Cerilles Gets ‘Midnight’ ECC from the DENR 1998 Severino, Howie G.
A Pattern of ‘Ghost’ Deliveries Plagues DECS 1998 Chua, Yvonne T.
For 25 Years, Notorious Supplier Did Business with DECS 1998 Chua, Yvonne T.
Corruption is Embedded in the DECS Culture 1998 Chua, Yvonne T.
No Justice for Women Raped in Jail 1998 Rimban, Luz
“Invisible” Women Workers Fail to Escape Crisis 1999 Pabico, Alecks P.
Up to 65% of Textbook Funds Goes to Bribes 1999 Chua, Yvonne T.
The Chain of Corruption in Textbook Purchases 1999 Chua, Yvonne T.
Can DECS Stop Textbook Scams? 1999 Chua, Yvonne T.
Canadian Transnational Dumps Waste, Responsibility in Marinduque 1999 Coumans,Catherine
Marinduque’s Other Toxic River 1999 Coumans,Catherine
Marcopper’s First Major Mine Waste Victim Continues to Suffer 1999 Coumans,Catherine
In a Bind, Many Single Moms Leave their Children in Orphanages 1999 Sison, Marites N.
A New Underclass of Poor, Single Women is Emerging 1999 Sison, Marites N.
Philippine Seahorses Fall Victim to Overfishing 1999 Thomas,Chadwin B.
Save the Seahorses Campaigners in for a Long Wait? 1999 Thomas,Chadwin B.
Centennial Expo: Convenient Cover for Election Fundraising 1999 Hofileña, Chay F.
The Freedom Ring: How to Build a White Elephant 1999 Hofileña, Chay F.
The Great Cost of Saving the Centennial 1999 Hofileña, Chay F.
The Green Menace: Fishers Blame Lucio Tan Brewery for Marine Blight 1999 Reyes, Lina S.
The Green Menace: Independent Test Shows Asia Brewery May to be Blame 1999 Reyes, Lina S.
Commision on Appointments is a “Horse Trading Agency” 1999 Jimeno, Jaileen F.
For Many Overseas Workers Home is Where Hurt Is 1999 Uda,Enza
Teenagers Sell Sex in Malls Teenagers Sell Sex in Malls 1999 Bacalla, Tess B.
The Ram Boys: Where are They Now 1999 Gloria, Glenda
Harsh Jail Terms Make Dent on the Drug Trade 2000 Alecks Pabico
Agriculture is Weighed Down by Corruption and Waste 2000 Sarmiento, Prime
Arsons and Murder Fail to Silence Whistleblowers 2000 Sarmiento, Prime
Big Companies Steal Water 2000 Rimban, Luz
Water Thieves Operates with Impunity 2000 Rimban, Luz
BIR Provides a “Rich Berth” for Corruption 2000 Bacalla, Tess B.
The Taxmen Share Their “Loot” 2000 Bacalla, Tess B.
Ten Years after the Earthquake: Baguio is a Disaster Waiting to Happen 2000 Leonen, Mike
The State of the President’s Finances: Can Erap Explain His Wealth? 2000 Chua, Yvonne T.
Estrada’s Entrepreneurial Families 2000 Chua, Yvonne T.
The Estrada’s Three Dozen House: First Family’s Firm Flours the Law 2000 Mangahas, Malou
The President May Have Violated the Constitution 2000 Mangahas, Malou
Estrada’s Fronts: Cronies and Attorneys 2000 Coronel, Sheila S.
Baguio Forest Cut Down to Build “Cronyville” 2000 Rimban, Luz
An Embarrassment of Houses 2000 Coronel, Sheila S.
A Transaction Marred by Fraud 2000 Coronel, Sheila S.
Cronies Scramble to Get Clark Casino for Estrada 2000 Vitug, Marites D.
Firm Linked to Estrada Got Metro Manila Garbage Contract 2001 Sison, Marites N.
The Ties Still Bind: Families Remain Strong in Congress But their Influence is Warning 2000 Chua, Yvonne T.
New Wealth Emerges in the Dominant House 2001 Chua, Yvonne T.
Haste in Gov’t Approval of IMPSA Power Project Deal 2001 Rimban, Luz
Big Time Corruption in a Small Powerplant 2001 Leonen, Mike
Giant US Defense Contractor Squats On Clark sans Deal 2001 Mangahas, Malou
Corruption – Free Modernization? Kickbacks and Negotiated Deals Mar AFP Procurement System 2001 Mangahas, Malou
11 Years after the Gulf War: Filipino Victims are still fighting for Compensation 2001 Pabico, Alecks P.
Rockwell’s dirty secret 2001 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Anti-Money Laundering Bill: Legislators Protect Themselves and their Friends 2001 Pesayco, Sheila S.
Anti – Money Laundering Law: Tax Evaders, Other Offenders off the Hook for Now 2001 Pesayco, Sheila S.
Reclaiming Tribal territories: Native Titles Spark Indigenous Revival 2001 Arquiza, Yasmin
GSIS Insurance Policy: “A Never Ending Scam” 2001 Pesayco, Sheila S.
GSIS Reinsurance Monopoly: World’s Biggest Insurance Brokers Linked to Insurance Overprice 2001 Pesayco, Sheila S.
GSIS Reinsurance Monopoly: Profile of a Favored Broker 2001 Pesayco, Sheila S.
Political Clans Make a Comeback 2001 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Bribery Charges Unpaid Debts Hound Luke Roxas 2001 Chua, Yvonne T.
The Estrada Plunder Case Year 1: Trial of the Century May Take Ages to Finish 2002 Mangahas, Malou
Garbage Problem Rooted in Money and Politics 2002 Sison, Marites N.
Pristine Bagac Refuses to Host Manila’s Trash 2002 Sison, Marites N.
Another Disaster Looms in Marinduque 2002 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Young Filipino is King of Boiler Rooms 2002 Pesayco, Sheila S.
Iglesia ni Cristo: Church at the Crossroads 2002 Mangahas, Malou
Iglesia ni Cristo: ‘A Most Powerful Union’ 2002 Mangahas, Malou
Unregulated Fish Pen and Cage Operations Mess Up Coastal Ecosystems 2002 Pabico, Alecks P.
Abalos Bring the Party to the COMELEC 2002 Mangahas, Malou
Abalos May Yet be Comelec Contractor’s Champion 2002 Mangahas, Malou
Trial of Power Mess Leads to Ramos 2002 Rimban, Luz
Ramos OK’ed Most Expensive IPPs 2002 Rimban, Luz
Ramos Friends Got Best IPP Deals 2002 Rimban, Luz
IMPSA is a Showcase of All that is wrong with IPPs 2002 Rimban, Luz
Lakas Contributor to Get P700-M Windfall 2002 Rimban, Luz
The Mystery of Binga: IPP Contractor Has No Office and Cannot Explain Phantom Shareholder 2002 Rimban, Luz
A Dangerous Place to be a Journalist 2002 Rimban, Luz
Teenagers Perish in Davao’s Killing Fields 2002 Conde, Carlos H.
Poverty and Family Abuse Force Davao’s Children to the Streets 2002 Conde, Carlos H.
Boracay’s Road to Ruin 2003 Lujan, Nereo C.
No Quick Fix for Boracay 2003 Lujan, Nereo C.
Arroyo Used Pills, But is Against Birth Control 2003 Sison, Marites N.
BIR Officials Amass Unexplained Wealth 2003 Bacalla, Tess B.
At Deped, a Cleanup at the Top but Corruption in Field Offices 2003 Chua, Yvonne T.
Despite the Risks, Filipino Seafarers Toil in the World’s Oceans 2003 Pabico, Alecks P.
While Congress Hounds the Supreme Court, Local Governments are off the Hook 2004 Bacalla, Tess B.
Despite Anomalies, There are Few Checks on Corrupt Local Officials 2004 Bacalla, Tess B.
How Representative is Congress? 2004 Coronel, Sheila
An Expensive – and Unaccountable – Legislature 2004 Chua, Yvonne T.
Fat Salaries, Big Allowances and other Perks of Lawmaking 2004 Chua, Yvonne T.
Smuggled Goods Flood Malls and Markets 2004 Bacalla, Tess B.
Fictitious Firms, Fake Papers Used in Smuggling 2004 Bacalla, Tess B.
Smuggling is Killing Shoe,Garments and Textile Industries 2004 Bacalla, Tess B.
Customs Sometimes in Cahoots with Smugglers 2004 Bacalla, Tess B.
PNP Commando Force Protests Bungled Gun Deal 2004 Rimban, Luz
The Face of Hunger is Female 2004 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Local People Thriving to Forests 2004 Arquiza, Yasmin D.
Tourists and Conservationists Help Preserve National Park 2004 Arquiza, Yasmin D.
Major Players Elude Government’s Anti-Logging Drive in Aurora 2005 Rimban, Luz
This Developer Burns Money and Cuts Trees 2005 Rimban, Luz
In this City of Hired Guns, Journalists are Fair Game 2005 Jose Torres Jr.
Masterminds of Journalist Murders Go Scot Free 2005 Jose Torres Jr.
Lack of Nurses Burdens an Ailing Healthcare System 2005 Estella, Chit
Coastal City is Hub of Underground Explosives Trade 2005 Bacalla, Tess B.
Farewell, Erin Brockovich 2005 Rimban, Luz
Band of Brothers Finds Formidable Foes in Veteran’s Bank 2005 Rimban, Luz
Bank Leaves Veterans in the Dark 2005 Rimban, Luz
In Manila, Pills and Condoms Go Underground 2005 Jimeno, Jaileen F
Population Growth Drops When Women are Free to Choose 2005 Jimeno, Jaileen F.
When Classes Open Today, Many Boys Won’t Be in School 2005 Chua, Yvonne T.
The Boys Aren’t in School and They Can’t Find Jobs Either 2005 Chua, Yvonne T.
Billions in Farm Funds Used for Arroyo Campaign 2005 Rimban, Luz
Did Marcos Wealth and Taxpayers Bankroll GMA Campaign? 2005 Rimban, Luz
Despite Hard Times, GMA Hires Pricy Foreign Consultants for Charter Change 2005 Mangahas, Malou
Gloria’s Lobbygate? Government Splurges Millions on Multiple, Single Lobby Contracts 2005 Mangahas, Malou
Nightmare at Northrail: Cost of Resettling 40,000 Families Deliberately Hidden 2005 Pabico, Alecks P.
Thousand of Evicted Families Go Hungry in Resettlement Sites 2005 Pabico, Alecks P.
GMA Supporters Outspent Rivals in the Battle of the Ads, But Did They Win It? 2005 Totanes, Vernon
Did Mike Arroyo Fund Postelection “Special Operations” in Lanao? 2005 Cruz, Booma
One Year After Quezon Disaster, Women are Leading Their Families Toward Recovery 2005 Bacalla, Tess B.
For the Love of Basketball: How Far Can College Team Bend the Rules? 2005 Dy, Charlene
For the Love of Basketball: The Pressures and Perks of Being a UAAP Star Athlete 2005 Dy, Charlene
One Year after her Murder, Still no Justice for Erin Brockovich 2006 Rimban, Luz
Wild-Bird Smugglers Pose Avian-Flu Threat 2006 Sarmiento, Prime
Duck Raisers and Cock Breeders Resist Anti-Bird Flu Measures 2006 Sarmiento, Prime
In 1971 and 2006: New Charters Designed to Keep Embattled Presidents in Power 2006 Robles, Raissa E.
Arroyo’s Charter Change Moves Copied from the Marcos Book 2006 Robles, Raissa E.
Bureaucrats Punished for Accusing the Palace of Disrespect for the Civil Service 2006 Chua, Yvonne T.
Boys Town Wards Cry Sexual and Physical Abuse 2006 Bacalla, Tess B.
At Boys Town, Regrets Over Lost Glory 2006 Bacalla, Tess B.
Tempest in a Feeding Bottle 2006 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Tax Incentives for the Rich Harm the Poor 2006 Landingin, Roel R.
Tax Exemption Bleeds Billions from the Government 2006 Landingin, Roel R.
New Rx Needed for Generics Movement 2006 Pabico, Alecks P.
The Barangay that Finally Said “No” 2006 Datinguinoo, Vinia M.
Candidates for DAP Presidency Boycott Interview, Accuse Arroyo of Railroading Selection 2006 Chua, Yvonne T.
Congress Passes Even Fewer Laws on Bigger Budget 2007 Cascolan, Lala O.
Spate of Attacks Alarms Local Indian Community 2007 Olarte, Avigail
Arroyo’s Legacy May Include More Mother’s Put at Risk 2007 Jimeno, Jaileen
Church’s Gain in Population Policy is Women’s Loss 2007 Jimeno, Jaileen
Too Many Buses, Too Many Agencies Clog EDSA 2007 Grey, Margaret J
Price Control Board Debate May DelayCheap Drugs Law 2008 Pabico, Alecks
Game On (or Off) 2008 Lorenzo, Isa
Even in Singapore, Pinoy Artists are Bankable 2008 Sarmiento Prime
The Perils and Pitfalls of Aid 2008 Landingin, Roel R.
Enhancing E-Commerce 2008 Pabico, Alecks
Executive Privilege vs Public Interest 2008 Malaluan, Nepocumeno
Government Tightening Access to Information 2008 Ilagan, Karol Anne
Absolute Privilege 2008 Malaluan, Nepocumeno
New CSC Chief Faces Pack of Ineligible Officils 2008 Mangahas, Malou
Lorenzo, Isa
Still Reeling from Junta, Cuclone Leaves Burma in Tatters 2008 Valderama. Tita
No Cure for Costly Medicines? 2008 Pabico, Alecks
RP Falls Behind in Key Indicators for Education 2008 Jimeno, Jaileen
Cebu Court Decision to Stop Trial of Esperat Slay Case ‘Brains’ Slammed 2008 Valderama. Tita
President’s Office Fails COA Audit 2008 Mangahas, Malou
Making Sure mama Makes It 2008 Olarte, Avigail
Illegal Fish Cages Poison Taal Lake 2008 Luistro, Marlon Alexander
Palace Alllies Linked to PAGCOR Project 2008 Mangahas, Malou
De Leon, Anna Patricia
Valderama. Tita
House Facelift to Cost Taxpayers P1Billion 2008 Valderama. Tita
Til Debt Do UsPart: President Bigget Debtor, Least Popular 2008 Pabico, Alecks P.
A Million Came for Ninoy as Reporters Battled with Censors 2008 Paredes, Joel
That Bumpy Ride to Democracy 2008 Son, Johanna
Amid Fighting, Clan Rules in Maguindanao 2008 Jimeno, Jaileen
Illnesses on the Rise in Marcopper Towns 2008 Ilagan, Karol Anne
Every Six Hours, Pirates Seize a Filipino Seaman 2008 Landingin, Roel R.
Mike Arroyo Claim Stalls Land Reform in Negros 2008 Sabangan, Annie Ruth
World Bank, DPWH Draw Opposite Conclusions on Bid 2009 Landingin, Roel R.
Who are the Contractors in Congress? 2009 Ilagan, Karol Anne
RP Budget Process: Less and Less Transparent 2009 PCIJ
World Bank Report: A Mix of Facts, Rumor, Innuendo 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Depite Procedural Gaps, World Bank Report Firm on ‘Cartel’ 2009 Mangahas, Malou
World Bank Suspects Top DPWH Deals 2009 Landingin, Roel R.
Mining in Mount Pulag: Village Folk Resist ‘Illegal’ Deals, Bribes for Leaders 2009 Allad-iw, Arthur L.
Palangchao, Harley F.
Burma is Toughest Test of New ASEAN Charter 2009 Valderama. Tita
Obscure Firms Fly High, Bag Huge DPWH Contracts 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Arroyo Sons, Friends, Foes Get Big Public Works Deals 2009 Valderama. Tita
Elections, Inept Execs, GMA Bid for Legacy Mar Contracts 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Ilagan, Karol Anne
Burma: Where Journalism is a Living Hell 2009 Valderama. Tita
Big Infra Spending Fails to Lift Plight of Poorest 2009 Ilagan, Karol Anne
Timor-Leste Turns 7: Press Freedom Remains in Peril 2009 Lingao, Ed
Multiple Requests for Access to Info Meet with Flat Denials 2009 PCIJ
Execs Give Flimsy, Inane Excuse to Rebuff Access to Info Requests 2009 Lingao, Ed
Carranza, Rowena C
Good-Bye Automated Elections? 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Contractors Squabbles Sideline Bigger Security Issues 2009 Lingao, Ed
Secrecy, RushMark Tender of Biggest MWSS Dam Project 2009 Landingin, Roel R.
MWSS KeepsLaiban Dam Tender Secret, Even to NEDA Landingin, Roel R.
MWSS Execs on Sick Leave, Out of Office or Just Plain Mum 2009 Ilagan, Karol Anne
Ahead of ContractStarts to Court Laiban Residents 2009 Lingao, Ed
Tordecilla, Jaemark
Laiban Deal Requires RP’s ‘Performance Undertaking’ 2009 Landingin, Roel R.
Costliest Dam Project Also Biggest Resettlement Deal 2009 Lingao, Ed
Gloria and Her SONAs: Long on Show, Short on Substance 2009 Valderama. Tita
Faster Growth Under Arroyo: Reality or Statistical Illusion? 2009 Landingin, Roel R.
Grading Gloria 2009 Diokno, Benjamin
Cory and Our Magical Democracy 2009 Coronel, Sheila S
Cory and Our Inscrutable Politics 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Can President Arroyo Explain Her Wealth? 2009 Mangahas, Malou
The Foggy Financial History of Gloria Arroyo 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Gov’t Spends P45M on Road to Lot Arroyos Sold for P42M 2009 Ilagan, Karol Anne
Gloria’s Mysterious Millions: Stacks of Stocks, Sparse Data 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Mining Mayhem Triggers Eco-Disaster in Zambales 2009 Jimeno, Jaileen
Noynoy, Out of the Shadows 2009 Tordecilla, Jaemark
Romancing Politics 2009 Mangahas, Malou
Arroyos Run a Horde of Foundations 2009 Carranza, Rowena C
A Fate Worse Than Death: Jailed for Serial Libel Suits 2009 Carranza, Rowena C