December 2006
Political Predictions

‘Ate Glo’ speaks

IT’S written in the cards. Fervent prayers will be needed for what lies ahead, says fortune teller Gloria Yasay, better known as Ate Glo.

We are in for tumultuous times — nothing new perhaps. If Ate Glo’s predictions come true, elections will push through next year, but only if a majority of people will demand so.

As divined from the tarot cards, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will finish her term in 2010. A man will succeed her as the country’s next president. Ate Glo warns though that the presence of a card bearing the likeness of the Grim Reaper signifies that he will experience great pain, illness, or maybe even death. (The Death Card though does not always portend a literal death as it can be a sign of cleansing, a promise to begin again on a clean slate.)

Videographer: Avigail Olarte
Video editor: Red Valdez

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