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The seven Ms of dynasty building


The families that endure and survive political upheaval are more likely to be those that have a sustainable economic base to finance their participation in electoral battles. Philippine elections are costly — a congressional campaign in 2004, according to campaign insiders, could have cost up to P30 million in Metro Manila. In rural areas, the price tag is much less: P10 million on average, although campaigns can be run for P3 million or less in smaller districts where the competition is not too intense.

The Campaign

Much ado about numbers

SENATOR John Osmeña is certain he will win again in the May elections. The numbers say so, he crowed in an evening talk show, where he whipped out the results of a poll he had commissioned the survey outfit Social Weather Stations (SWS) to do last year.

An embarrassment of houses

COMPANIES AND business executives linked to San Miguel Corp. (SMC) chairman Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuangco have been involved in the acquisition and construction of mansions allegedly intended for two of President Estrada’s mistresses.