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The case for computerized elections

WHEN IT comes to new consumer trends and communication technology, we Filipinos are always at the cutting edge. Our fashion mimics the latest from the West. We quickly took to texting, blogging, and Friendster. The children of our wealthy and middle-class families sport iPods and PSPs, while the rest of us use hi-tech mobile phones to vote on Philippine Idol and play SMS contests.


Piecemeal law implementation?

IT’S THE lack of political will that is keeping the Commission on Elections (Comelec) from fully implementing legally mandated safeguards against wholesale electoral fraud like dagdag-bawas, says Kontra Daya, an election monitoring organization.

Restarting the political and electoral reforms train

THE PRESENT crisis facing the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo underlines the necessity for far-ranging changes in our political and electoral systems. It also poses both a threat and opportunity as far as these reforms are concerned. As such, careful handling is needed to neutralize the threats and seize the opportunities.

Sins of the Commission

THE COMMISSION on Elections has a lot to account for, with some of its “mistakes” running into billions of taxpayers’ pesos. Ironically, some of its costliest errors had started out as a means to improve the election process and minimize voting irritants

Voting without much buzz

SO MUCH for cutting-edge technology in Halalan 2004. For the more important aspects of the electoral process — from voter registration, voting, vote counting, to canvassing-touches of modernity have been as elusive as replies with substance from candidates. Yet for the most part, the problem stems not from a lack of available technological solutions.