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One year after her murder, no justice for ‘Erin Brockovich’

Marlene Garcia-Esperat, a journalist/anti-graft crusader and a source for some of PCIJ’s corruption stories, was killed in Sultan Kudarat by a lone assassin on March 24, 2005. A year after her death, the masterminds of her killing continue to elude justice.

Farewell, Erin Brockovich

IT WAS hard to take Marlene Garcia-Esperat seriously. Each time she came to our office to report yet another corrupt government deal, she wore mini skirts, stiletto heels and tight dresses with low necklines that revealed more than concealed. Every visit from her was a sartorial shock. You could say she was a colorful person, as each time she came, her hair was dyed a different shade (her preferred hues were light brown and red) and her eye shadow was inspired by the rainbow. Once, she even came in fishnet stockings.

Masterminds of journalist murders go scot free

PAGADIAN CITY — Newspaper editor and publisher Hernan de la Cruz may own several guns, but that has not made him feel safer living and working here. Four journalists have been killed in Pagadian since 2000, making the city the most dangerous in the country for journalists.

In this city of hired guns, journalists are fair game

PAGADIAN CITY — Shops close in this southern city by seven in the evening, and the streets are soon almost empty after that. Once known for its farm produce and fishing industry, Pagadian and the surrounding towns of Zamboanga del Sur are today a melting pot of crime syndicates from all over Mindanao.

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