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Gloria & her SONAs: Long
on show, short on substance

HER HANDLERS portray her as a hardworking president, but after eight years in power, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is looking more like being long on show and short on substance.

Indeed, while critics and observers alike acknowledge specific successes by her administration, they point out that more fundamental concerns were neglected in the pursuit of achieving these.

Bukidnon’s ‘nontraditional’ dynasty

SHE BEGAN her political career by accident, but when Socorro ‘Coring’ Olaivar Acosta ran for Congress in 1987, she was part of a strategy to topple the Fortich political dynasty in Bukidnon, a province in the heart of Mindanao. Then her son J. R. Nereus or Neric took her place in the legislature while she eventually went back to her old mayoralty post in Manolo Fortich town. Now Coring Acosta is considered by many as part of yet another new political dynasty. The other part being Neric, of course. Mother and son say, however, that they can hardly be compared with traditional politicians, even if they have formed a political bloc of sorts in Bukidnon and are not about to give up their respective political careers anytime soon.