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The boys aren’t in school and they can’t find jobs either

Official statistics show that fewer boys are finishing secondary school, with the problem most acute in the country’s 5,000 public high schools. [Photo by Jose Enrique Soriano]WHENEVER perennial job applicant Edwin de Asis hears the words, “We’ll call you,” he knows he has just been turned down. He also thinks he knows why: “They saw […]

When classes open today, many boys won’t be in school

“WHERE ARE the boys?”

Quezon City Schools Division supervisor Beth Meneses has been asking this question the past several years. On really bad days, she says, as many as one in five of the male students in the city’s high schools could be anywhere — the streets, the canteen, the mall, the computer gaming shop — but in the classroom.

Lack of nurses burdens an ailing healthcare system

LANI, a radiology technologist in a government hospital in Quezon City, remembers the time when she moved among the best in her department. “We used to have good senior nurses here,” she says.

Then, almost suddenly, her co-workers started leaving. “That whole year, I kept seeing resignation papers,” recalls Lani. Even the aides were disappearing, going off to London or the United States or elsewhere for good. Today, out of the 40 staff members that she had originally worked with in the department, only four have stayed behind. But even they—including Lani—have either applied or are planning to apply for work abroad.