November 2006

56 pairs… and counting

KITTY Caragay wears a size five and owns over 50 pairs of shoes.

A self-confessed semi-addict to shoes, the 22-year-old Caragay says that she unconsciously began to collect shoes during high school. Her taste is eclectic — bright sneakers with colorful laces sit side by side an array of black shoes, which are arranged next to high-heeled shoes in almost every imaginable shape and style.

Caragay studied ballet for eight years, wearing out two to three pairs of pink toe shoes with satin ribbons every year. In college, she fostered her love of shoes by taking up a Bachelor of Science degree in Clothing Technology.

During the shoot, her aunt paused in the living room doorway as I attempted to count the shoes spread out before me. “Fifty-six lang?” she teased. “Talo ka sa lola mo. Siya, 99 (Your grandmother beat you, she had 99 pairs).”