August 2007
All about Eba

Ang tipo kong babae

WHAT’S in the Filipino male’s mind? What is he looking for in a partner? Wonder no more. We found out that the Filipino male likes his woman mabait, which is the generic term for kind, which really means agreeable. Or quiet? Timid? Pinoys also like their women “maganda (beautiful),” which means “maputi (fair-skinned),” “matangkad (tall),” and “payat (slim).”

Let’s watch the video, and find out who likes `em “marunong sa bahay (good in household chores),” “malinis sa katawan (hygienic),” conservative, “tahimik (quiet),” and “magaling sumayaw (good dancer).”

Producer: Lala Ordenes-Cascolan
Video editor: Francis Ventura

(Background music downloaded from Isis Manila’s website; “Babae Ka (You Are Woman)” music and lyrics by Susan Fernandez)

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