October 2006
Voyeurs and Exhibitionists

Bryanboy and Nikki Alfar, bloggers

WHAT face comes with your favorite Pinoy blogger? PCIJ shows you two.

We recently had a chat with Bryanboy, owner of the two-year-old blog with the same name, and Nikki Alfar, who’s been blogging ‘Contradiction in terms’ since 2003.

Bryanboy is a fashionista, loves wearing Louis Vuitton, and craves for crab cakes at Ayala’s Museum Café; he calls his blog his ‘narcissistic shrine.’ Nikki — not any less colorful — is a Palanca-winning playwright, a poet, and mother to a four-year-old girl whose latest nickname for Nikki is ‘Zombie Mommy;’ her blog is a “forum for my musings and whatnot.”

Avigail Olarte’s interview with Bryanboy

Vinia Datinguinoo’s interview with Nikki

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