June 2007
Literature and Literacy

What is your favorite book?

SUCH a wonderful time to be a kid — a kid who reads, that is.

Now bookstores offer an enclave for children’s books, where children of all ages can lounge and browse their favorite books for free. And the selections are as varied as the kids who drop by.

A favorite hangout is Fully Booked, The Block, where a carpeted platform separates the children’s corner from the rest of the store and books are freed from restrictive plastic covers. Here no sign that says “private reading not allowed” could be seen. One can just pluck a book from the shelf, choose a comfortable spot, and get lost in the pages of a book.

In this video, the PCIJ asked kids what their favorite books are. The answers surprise as well as delight.

(Acknowledgment: Background music downloaded from Gary Granada’s website; “Huwag Kang Malikot,” music and lyrics by Gary Granada.)

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